Monday, 10 August 2009

A slushy moment in my sea of neuroses

A warm hearted fuzzy feeling sits in my usually neurotic heart tonight. Having opened the fridge to find it devoid of my specially hardened and cooled Twirl, which I'd salivated over dipping in my cup of tea, I asked my boyfriend if he’d seen it.

“I have seen it…” he said looking sideways like suspect cartoon characters are wont to do.

“You bastard.” I calmly replied.

Not so subtly he grabbed his wallet and keys and tried hard to make it look like he might be heading to the fridge whilst actually managing to quickly leave the house.

Five minutes later with an accompanying slam of the door he entered with the conquering and triumphant (and equally unconvincing) statement “It was in the fridge all along!”

Thanking him, I dipped the new Twirl in my tea and happily munched.

“Is it cold enough?” He asked.

“Yes.” Said I. “How so, dearest?”

A proud look crept over his face. “Did a couple of laps around the supermarket with it wrapped in a bag of frozen peas.”

Boyfriend points: Loads.

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